No waiting lists – call today (937) 789-4660

  • Our doctors treat you, not just your addiction with doctor consultation and addiction counseling on the same visit.
  • AFFORDABLE treatment (money order, debit card or credit card accepted).

No waiting lists – call today (937) 789-4660

The Vandalia Suboxone - Opiate Recovery Clinic offers solutions for addictions to heroin, opiate pain killers and more. Our professional staff is dedicated to creating a custom rehab program to best fit your needs and provide the highest chance for your addiction recovery.

Drug counseling and addiction therapy are provided on the same visit – helping reduce the frustration of scheduling appointments for each. Our certified suboxone doctors have over 20 years experience in assisting substance abusers get the treatment that helps break their addictions. Prescriptions for Suboxone are available through our medical team and can be issued along with weekly counseling.

The Vandalia Suboxone Recovery Clinic is proud to offer:

• A discreet and professional facility with local convenience
• A compassionate and dedicated staff with proven experience in overcoming addiction
• Truly AFFORDABLE drug treatment (cash or credit accepted)
• Doctor Consultation and Addiction Counseling on same visit

If you are serious about regaining your life and breaking the ties to heroin, pain killers and other opiates, please give us a call at (937) 789-4660 or e-mail. Set up an appointment and take the first step in recovery.


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