Dayton Suboxone Therapy - Frequent Questions and Answers

Isn't Suboxone Just Replacing One Addiction With Another?

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We often times here this question from concerned family members and patients, but we most certainly do not see it that way. Nor do the patients we treat.

Subxone treatment can be truly life saving for patients who are serious about getting help.  Suboxone is the treatment for the disease of addiction, not a replacement for their opiate addiction. 

Our patients take part in a multifaceted treatment program where the medication is only one small part.  They also learn coping skills, how to avoid triggers and cravings, and how to refocus their lives in a positive direction.  

As they progress in their treatment, we then work to wean them off the medication to the point that it is no longer needed.  For some this takes a year or so, while for others it takes longer.  The key is optimizing the treatment for each individual patient.

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